Scholarships & Award Schemes


The list of scholarships and other awards offered by colleges and universities in Ireland is extensive with more than 300 available with a wide variety of criteria for eligibility. They range from entrance scholarships for exceptional academic results, to supports for sports excellence, or particular subject areas such as music, the arts and many more. It is well worth taking the time to investigate the options.
Scholarships and Awards can broadly be divided into two groups:

  • Academic and/or Other Achievement
  • Entrance Scholarship/Award – a financial award is given to a student who achieves a certain minimum number of Leaving Certificate points (e.g. NUIM awards an entrance scholarship of €1,000 to each incoming 1st Year Student to get 550 points or more; UCD award the ‘Entrance Exhibition Award’ to 1st Years with 560 points or more in recognition of their academic accomplishment to date. TCD has a similar award.)
  • Sports Scholarships - The college/institution provides financial and/or other specific supports, once you have accepted your place with them. It is based on sporting performance and ability

Performing Arts Scholarships – supports students to access a place on a specific arts/music/drama programme

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