Choosing Leaving Certificate (LC) options can be a challenge.  Your choices might affect your possible entry into specific courses and your potential Leaving Certificate points. So where to start?

Firstly, it is important to make an audit of the subjects that you studied for your Junior Certificate. The level and result you achieved in the Junior Certificate is an indicator of your aptitude in these subjects.  

Next, use an online website to discover your learning style.  Your learning style could be read/write, aural, visual or kinaesthetic.  You can use this to evaluate which subjects suit your learning style.

Informing yourself is essential.

You can use this link Information for Leaving Certificate Subjects to gain valuable information about Leaving Certificate subjects.  

Finally, complete an interest test on  Use your results to search for courses that suit your type.  With this information research a number of courses suited to your type.  Find the entry requirements of each of these courses.  Refer to these when selecting your LC subjects.  An example would be Higher level maths for Level 8 Engineering courses, a science subject for Speech and Language Therapy and finally, chemistry for the majority of Medical courses.  

In conclusion, choosing suitable LC subjects requires relevant research.  I would of course recommend an in-depth discussion with a profession Career Guidance Counsellor. 

Testimonials II

James gave my son excellent advice and direction. I believe that many of his fears have been alleviated after his time with James. He certainly has a clearer picture of where he should be heading.

Date of Posting: 24 January 2015
Posted By: Mary
Parent, Charleville, Co. Cork.

James was absolutely fantastic with our son - advising him on the options available to him after his Junior Certificate. James was very honest and gave him crucial information for his subject selection for the Leaving Certificate. John my son was absolutely delighted when he came out from the meeting.

Date of Posting: 04 November 2014
Posted By: Joan

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